IMXR Ship Job Training VR Content (Crew Emergency Response - Fire)

Crew Emergency Response - Fire

IMXR Ship Job Training VR Content

This is virtual experience content designed for domestic and foreign sailors for safe sailing. This content is designed to develop excellent response capabilities in the event of a ship disaster. By virtually experiencing accident situations in various scenarios, you can learn strategic countermeasures for each accident in accordance with the SOLAS regulations and the Crew Act. IMXR Ship Job Training VR Content (Crew Emergency Response - Fire) content allows sailors with a high level of practical skills and expertise to sail safely.

Product registered with Public Procurement Service Venture Nara

IMXR Ship Job Training VR Content (Crew Emergency Response - Fire) has been designated as a venture start-up innovative procurement product that the Public Procurement Service supports to expand public purchase channels according to the Venture Nara Registered Goods and Services Designation Management Regulations.
(Venture Nara item identification number : 24920043)

Contents Features

1. Language Selection
  • You can train by selecting the desired language on the start screen.
  • Sailors from various countries are after acquiring the knowledge.
  • Supporting two languages, providing educational opportunities to more people in the global market.
2. Training by Type
  • You can train by selecting one of A-class / B-class / C-class.
  • You can check the progress at each stage and acquire related knowledge.
  • Provides an opportunity to repeatedly learn important content at each stage.

Key Production Points

  • Construction of content materials based on SOLAS standard training contents 
  • Analyze training level stages of the NCS training completion system and establish requirements
  • Data is classified after review by associations, related content experts, and maritime training organizations 
  • Design an update algorithm to immediately reflect changes in agreements and regulations 


[1] Class A (General Fire / Portable Fire Extinguisher)

[2] Class B (Fuel Oil Fire / Fire Hydrant)

[3] Class C (Electricity Fire / Fixed CO2 Fire Extinguisher System)

User l  

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