Challenging LNG World's First

Samwoo Immersion begins developing VR contents for job training of liquefied natural gas (LNG) vessels, job training for LNGC, and training experts.

Using virtual reality, you can improve the training environment that is lacking and dramatically shorten the vocational training period.

In addition, by checking the training cost and understanding the mechanism rather than the simple memorization training of the shipping company, errors of ships & cargo are immediately recognized.

Through Samwoo Immersion’s virtual reality (VR)-based LNG bunkering ship job training platform, which has the advantage of taking corrective actions.

It is possible to cultivate high-quality and professional LNG crew.

LNG education and training system establishment

This is a VR content that provides detailed job procedures for three types of job training for LNG bunkering related loading, discharging, and transportation between ships, as well as training on IAS operation methods, mechanisms, and accident experiences.

1. Existing LNG job training environment

  • Blind memorization and button education
  • Poor understanding of the mechanism
  • Executive Director of Experience-based Education and Training Environment

2. LNG ship market

  • Increased LNG-fueled ship orders due to IMO2020 environmental regulations
  • Increased demand for fuel injection bunkering infrastructure for LNG vessels
  • Global energy demand and supply is undergoing reorganization into natural gas

3. LNG crew demand increase

  • Expected to increase LNG vessel operations in 2021
  • LNG crews need professional training on training ships for about 2 years
  • High cost of 150 million won per person for LNG crew training

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